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Activities and experiences in Bihać

Bihac, a city with rich natural and cultural heritage, through which the well-known emerald green Una River flows as the most important natural monument of this region, is a city with great tourist potential.

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Culture and historical facilities

Bihac has an extremely rich and diverse offer in terms of cultural and historical content and you don’t even need to leave the city center in order to see the remains of the old walls, also knows as Captain’s Tower, Turbe mausoleum, Fethiye Mosque, which is considered the oldest building in the Gothic style in the area of Bosnia and Herzegovina . – After only ten-minute walk, walking through the city park, you’ll find yourself in the main square where all of those mentioned attractions of Bihać are in the close proximity. In the immediate vicinity, there are also the following cultural institutions of our city, such as: Pounja Museum, AVNOJ Museum, Historical Archives of the city, the Gallery and the Small Gallery, JNA Home, and National Library.

Sokolac tower

It dates back to medieval times, while the town was held by the noble Frankopan and Gorjanski families. The castle was part of an important medieval fortified city held by Frankopan family.

Sokolac Castle was an extremely grand building, dominated by the powerful perpendiculars of the entry tower, and the Chapel of the Holy Trinity. The entry into the burg was through a square, three-storey tower, the facades of which were relieved with lesenes linked at the top with blind arcades, making it a unique specimen in the whole of Central Europe.

National park UNA

It is almost impossible to visit Bihać and not visit the NP UNA, which almost entirely covers the territory of Bihać and it represents one of the three National parks in BiH. It is about 40 km long and it covers parts of the valley of the Una and Unca rivers, orthographic slopes Plješavice and Grmeč, or Osječenica. Here you can come and enjoy the beauty of the Una river and heavenly beauty of the emerald valley with waterfalls and cascades of the Štrbački buk waterfall and Martin Brod. – NP UNA stretches along the border with Croatia, only 40 km from the National Park Plitvice Lakes and 115 km from the Adriatic Sea.

Rafting on the Una river

In addition to all of those attractions, Bihać has something to offer to the sports fans as well. Sports and recreational tourism is very developed here and you can enjoy in sailing, cycling, fishing and hunting, as well as in the essential and popular rafting on the Una river. If you are interested in experiencing a one-day or several-day adrenaline adventure of rafting on the Una river, we can make arrangements for you, in cooperation with our partners.